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Jaisalmer, located very close to the Indo-Pak border, is a town with a unique essence. The entire city – the lanes, roads, markets etc make up a photographer’s paradise. Jaisalmer Fort sits atop the whole city as if guarding the sun-kissed houses and the sand dunes. It is a living and thriving fort as 1/4th of the old city’s population still resides in there. In fact, for long 800 years, Jaisalmer city and Jaisalmer Fort was synonymous as the city resided inside the fort. Witness this unique lifestyle on our Jaisalmer city tour. The Jain Temples of Jaisalmer have their origin in the 12th -15th Century. They are of immense archaeological value as not only these temples were once home to the Jain hermits but the carvings and architecture styles are unique, on the lines of the Dilwara type of architecture. Situated on a small hill in the route between Jaisalmer and Ramnagar is the picturesque Bada Bagh – a cluster of cenotaphs or chhatris overlooking a mango orchard. Gadi Sagar Lake was constructed by Rawal Gadsi Singh to collect rainwater. The beautiful lake is a favourite among visitors. Tilon-Ki-Pool – the ornate gateway to the lake is an attraction in its own right. The best way to end the visit to Gadisagar Lake is through a soothing boating experience on it.  Shopping at Jaisalmer may remind one of the markets of the desert-towns of the Middle East. In Jaisalmer, one can shop for handicrafts like puppets, bags, decorative items. Leather goods sold here are also known for their quality. Trinkets like junk jewellery are also famous here. One may also pick up ittars from Jaisalmer.